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Emerging Economies Conference will take place September, 25-28, 2013, in Istanbul, Turkey.
EMECON proposes to discuss the following themes although other themes, sub-themes and panel discussions could be envisaged also.

* Emerging Economies and the Global Financial Crisis

* Balance of payments and currency crises: the role of new macro-prudential policies

* Capital inflows, "sudden stops", and FDIs: What has changed after 2008?

* Economics and Political Economy: is the return of Grand Theory warranted?

* Income Distribution and neo-liberalism: the last phase?

* Environmental Problems and global climate change: six years after the Stern Report

* Hunger and famines: where do we stand?

* Energy and energy efficiency: Wherein lies the future?

Deadline for submission of abstracts: May 3, 2013, Friday
Final date for registration: Jun 28, 2013, Friday
Deadline for full papers submission: Jul 19, 2013, Friday

Further information: http://www.emeconconference.org/

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