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Further studies: Master, PhD, oh my!


16:40, Friday, June 7, 2013 Shabolovka, Room 4413

Speaker : Sergey V. Popov, PhD, Higher School of Economics

Speaker : Andrei Shevchenko, PhD, Michigan State University

Title : Further studies: Master, PhD, oh my!

Abstract :

The talk is about what is a PhD in Economics degree, who should pursue it and why, what other degrees are there, what are the optimal paths to achieve your goals, and anything else you would like to discuss in this regard. We will talk about the difference between programs, why you want to go to a better program, what do you need to get to a better program, and how to spend your time efficiently while studying.

The presentation is aimed at 3rd year Economics and ICEF students, but other years and programs are welcome too. Questions are welcome: sergeyvpopov@gmail.com

About Speakers : Sergey studied in Novosibirsk State University, New Economics School, and University of Illinois, and works in applied micro theory. Andrei studied in Moscow State University, New Economics School, and University of Pennsylvania, and works in theoretical macro.

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